Hydraulique Val-d'Or

Our Advantage

Whether you walk through our doors and order from the counter or call/email your request, we promise to respond with the personalized touch you wished others still provided.  If you need us to machine a part from scratch, repair or even install it for you; we can do all that because we already do it everyday for many others.

Being a reliable partner is achieved through excellent service.

It’s first worth mentioning that most of our business occurs within an established geographic footprint simply because we’ve been around for a long time and most of our clients are also well established.  But that very long standing reputation has eliminated traditional boundaries and without any solicitation, our reputation has accelerated our expansion of clients internationally.

Industrial operations require dependable parts and service vendors to minimize their downtime.  One of the reason for our longevity is related to our customer service focus knowing that our clients are often in the field dealing with an emergency that does not preclude scrolling through a website for hours looking for an obscure part.  You call, we answer.  You send an email, we respond with a solution to your question.  It’s simple, but it works.

Our main advantage looks like this: “Knowledgeable staff with a lot of experience, a large well managed inventory and the ability to make a part when it cannot be bought.

One of the reasons we are able to respond so consistently to our clients is because we manage a large and active inventory, known to be reliable even when our competitors are not.  This makes us a key link for many of our client supply chains, but also an indispensable option for smaller operations and even residential consumers with heavy equipment needs.

If you’re not sure who can tackle your unique requirements, Call Uswe’re happy to do what others can’t.